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  • Soft-Lite is proud to announce its partnership with Fortiva Retail Credit, a consumer second-look revolving line of credit financing program for credit-challenged consumers. Fortiva Retail Credit approves customers that other financing programs have declined, allowing remodeling companies to offer their customers a line of credit up to $40,000 for installations, products, repairs, warranties and all other services, even when that customer has credit down below a 500 FICO.

  • To close more sales, it’s important that contractors and sales reps be prepared to answer questions customers may have about their credit options, including second look financing. By understanding program benefits and information related to the lending process, contractors gain the ability to provide an easy, frictionless, and consultative sales experience that’s sure to boost revenue.

  • Offering second look financing to support your prime credit card helps close more sales on large-ticket items by reaching the significant portion of the U.S. population who don’t qualify for prime finance. Revolving lines of credit and deferred interest programs offer alternatives to installment loans that can breed more loyalty and help a more financially-diverse customer base. As advances in technology help retailers engage customers more effectively while they consider the best use of their credit limits, it is just as important to ensure financing applications are seamless across all channels where purchases can be made.

  • Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLC) announced the closing of a $100 million asset-backed, revolving credit facility with Credit Suisse AG, Cayman Islands Branch, a leading financial services provider. The new facility allows for a total of $190 million in committed debt capital to fund our investments in Fortiva branded general-purpose credit card receivables.

  • Retail Touchpoints

    Returning customers drive more than 22% of retailer revenue and spend 15% more than new customers on any given order, according to a study by StitchLabs. Given this obvious financial incentive, not to mention the high cost of attracting and activating new customers, investment in programs that drive loyalty and customer retention is essential. Today’s tech landscape and proliferation of e-Commerce offers more opportunity than ever for retailers of all sizes to leverage cost-effective retention strategies at one key element of their operations: the POS.