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  • Retail Touchpoints

    Returning customers drive more than 22% of retailer revenue and spend 15% more than new customers on any given order, according to a study by StitchLabs. Given this obvious financial incentive, not to mention the high cost of attracting and activating new customers, investment in programs that drive loyalty and customer retention is essential. Today’s tech landscape and proliferation of e-Commerce offers more opportunity than ever for retailers of all sizes to leverage cost-effective retention strategies at one key element of their operations: the POS.

  • IE3/ACCA

    As summer temperatures continue to rise, so does the cost of cooling a home with an antiquated HVAC system. To remedy this, customers often want to modernize their older systems and/or upgrade to the the latest energy efficient technology. However, the latest and greatest systems will also cost the customer more money, making financing essential for customers who either cannot or would prefer not to spend that much cash up front.

  • Compass

    "Fortiva works great with our two primary lenders, Synchrony and GreenSky; so, if your customer gets turned down by a primary lender, you can still help them secure a loan. It'll also help you attract new customers because many contractors are not offering second-look financing. And it will help you increase customer loyalty and repeat sales because homeowners know they can get financed through you." - Kevin Gurski

  • Frost & Sullivan

    Knowing data analytics is crucial for delivering increased revenue, how will you strategically drive top line growth with a treasure trove of customer data and new analytical tools at your disposal? Join Fortiva's CMO, Teresa Caro, in Frost & Sullivan's webinar panel as seasoned marketing executives share insights and best practices on leveraging analytics to improve your overall marketing strategy.

  • Versatile Credit

    As many as 56% percent of Americans have FICO scores below 700, according to recent data from cited in the Washington Post. When prime financing providers must deny credit to your would-be customers, Fortiva Retail Credit’s second look financing solution approves many of them using a proprietary underwriting system that assesses their ability to repay with data informed by more than 20 years in the retail financing business.