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  • Atlanticus Holdings Corporation, a technology enabled consumer finance company, today announced an agreement to sell $167.3 million of asset backed securities ("ABS") secured by Fortiva® branded retail point-of-sale receivables (the Fortiva Retail Credit Master Note Business Trust Series 2018-One). The transaction represents the first term ABS issuance sponsored by us since 2004 and follows the closing of our $100.0 million revolving credit facility in June 2018 secured by Fortiva® branded general-purpose credit card receivables. Read more!

  • Financing is important in our industry to attract and close sales with more customers. That means offering a tiered program to ensure more approvals, streamlining the application process, making that application easily accessible across sales platforms and encouraging customers to take advantage of the financing you offer. Read more!

  • Consumer financing in today’s retail landscape is considered a must, as it plays a major role in where customers shop and ultimately buy. According to published reports, most shoppers decide on their payment method prior to entering the store, an indication salespeople must be prepared to address questions about credit options. Read more!

  • It’s easy to put revenue-driving initiatives off, especially when work is busy and business is good. However, there is a significant threat of lost sales by delaying the implementation of a robust financing program that works for customers across the credit spectrum. By taking the time to research and implement a full payment program today, your business will be better positioned for several months of boosted sales and happier customers tomorrow.

  • Because plumbing, bathroom replacements and even HVAC often are unexpected emergencies, customers may not have the cash readily available to buy the products or services your clients provide. This makes financing solutions offered by dealers and contractors essential, as more than 43% of Americans have FICO scores below 700 (according to and thus are unable to qualify for financing solutions from common prime providers such as Synchrony Financial, Enerbank and Wells Fargo. It is important for distributors to understand their clients’ needs to ensure a flexible and comprehensive financing program for the end user.