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  • HVAC Insider

    Kids are sent off to school to learn the 3 R’s: reading, writing and ‘rithmatic, yet when partnering with many of the country’s leading HVAC organizations, success in the highly competitive HVAC industry is largely based on a different trio of R’s: rates, reputation, and relationships.

  • IE3 Media Group

    Contractors ensure that their sales and service delivery approach is consistently responsive and consultative, so that customers find the engagement satisfying and rewarding rather than stressful. There is another growing trend among the most successful businesses which allows them to serve a type of customer who has traditionally been left out of the mix: offering second look financing.

  • The Pedowitz Group (TPG)

    “There is a growing category of consumers with impaired credit who are in the process of repairing their credit profile, which for many people can take 7-10 years,” said Caro. Fortiva Retail Credit, our B2B brand, enables retailers to extend financing to these valuable and profitable customers, instead of losing them to the competition.

  • Water Quality Products

    Consumer investment in water quality systems is on the rise. The average cost to install a water treatment and purification system today ranges from $1,625 to $4,595. With that in mind, effectively arming your sales team with financing options to help customers with various credit backgrounds calls for a tiered financing program.

  • The Pedowitz Group (TPG)

    Fortiva's SVP of Marketing, Teresa Caro, discusses how sales, marketing and operations tie into a lifecycle that requires attention in each stage. Teresa also covers the importance of having marketing work side-by-side with your company's sales team to see optimal success. Learn more about Teresa from her LinkedIn profile and follow both @Fortiva_RC and @TeresaCaro on Twitter.