Customized Credit Products

Whether you’re looking for a private label or a co-branded credit product for your consumers, we have the solution for your unique business needs.

or 100M Americans have credit scores below 700(1)
of Americans say their credit scores prevented them from obtaining a product in the past(2)

Say “Yes” More Often

Fortiva Retail Credit is a leading provider of second look consumer credit at the point of sale across a variety of products and services. We provide our partners with financing solutions that facilitate sales and garner increased loyalty.

Fortiva Credit Cards

Private Label Credit Cards

Keep cardholders coming back and build loyalty with a revolving line of credit that can only be used at your business.

Co-Branded Credit Cards

Give cardholders more flexibility by giving them the ability to shop anywhere using a revolving line of credit.

Boost Your Sales

Accessorize to complete the look

With greater purchasing power, cardholders may decide a new sofa needs just the right coffee table to complement it.

People Shopping

Opt for the merchandise upgrade

Access to credit provides additional flexibility for cardholders to choose upgrade options or select a more premium item.

People Shopping

Powered by Innovation

Risk Management

Risk Management

Our unique and proprietary risk-based underwriting technology platform leverages proven analytics that look at variables beyond a consumer’s FICO score when making an approval decision.


Prime Integrations

We partner with leading prime lenders to enable a seamless process for extending credit to more customers.

Promotional Offers

Promotional Offers

Qualified applicants may be offered promotions, such as deferred interest and balance transfer, when they finance their purchase with Fortiva Retail Credit and meet the specified criteria.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

Our 100% cloud-based infrastructure allows you to quickly scale in all areas ensuring your financing program can grow with your business.

If you are a retailer looking to partner with Fortiva Retail Credit, contact us today!